About Us

Blue ABA is a family led business providing outstanding care to children and their families.

The founder and CEO of Blue ABA is Dr. Gershon Fink. Dr. Fink’s is also the medical director of Mellow Kids and FG Health.

During his work at Mellow Kids and FG Health, Dr. Fink has accumulated extensive experience in working with children with special needs and their families. His passion is ensuring they receive outstanding medical care in a calm and safe environment.

Backed by Blue ABA’s clinical advisor who has 15 years experience in ABA therapy and has been trained by prominent leaders such as Vince Carbone and Dr. Jose Martinez Diaz, Dr. Fink created Blue ABA in order to extend his mission of outstanding care of special needs children and families to the ABA world.

In order to accomplish this, Dr. Fink implements extensive staff screening and professional guidance by highly experienced therapists. He also focuses heavily on staff satisfaction, believing that this is what leads to a more productive and happy workplace, and ultimately to the best care for children. Dr. Fink’s leadership experience ensures that there is always open communication with staff.

Dr. Fink received completed his pediatric anesthesia fellowship at UT Southwestern, Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

He has given multiple lectures in both academic and private practice settings on office safety, prevention, and management of emergencies. He volunteers with Emergency Management of the City of Miami Beach and is the recipient of the 2020 Hero’s Award.