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Personalized to your child’s needs. No wait list.

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We Are Here For You

Blue ABA is dedicated to facilitating outstanding client-therapist relationships that help your child succeed.

We are a family-led business. Our passion is providing outstanding care for children and their families.

We are always available to guide parents through the therapy process and answer questions.

Personalizing care for your unique needs is our mission and we are here for you.

Read more about ABA therapy and how it can help children with autism increase the quality of their lives.



Behavior Assessment

A board-certified behavior analyst will observe your child and talk to you about your child’s needs and skills. The analyst will then create a customized therapy plan with obtainable goals for your child to reach.


Comprehensive Treatment

An experienced team will provide therapy services in the location of your choice. We use natural reinforcement, motivation, and an individualized curriculum based on your child’s unique needs, preferences, and interests.

Family training

Parent Training

We will show you how to work and communicate with your child when your therapist is not present. This will increase the effectiveness and generalization of the therapy your child is receiving.

ABA therapy is evidence-based and has been proven to be effective at helping children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Syndrome.

How to get help for your child in 3 simple steps:

Step #1: Get in touch

Our friendly care coordinator will schedule a consultation to discuss your primary areas of concern and determine whether we are the right fit for your needs. Our coordinator will also set you up with the best ABA therapist near you, and guide you in getting approved for the proper insurance.

Step #2: Schedule an Assessment

A board-certified Behavior Analyst will conduct an initial assessment of your child’s skill set. Based on the assessment, you will receive a list of obtainable goals for your child to meet. You will also receive an individualized plan for achieving these goals based on your child’s unique needs, preferences, and interests.

Step #3: Start Therapy

A skilled and warm therapist will work with your child 1-on-1 in your home, at a time convenient for you. The therapist will also teach you and your family the necessary tools to help you respond to your child’s needs and actions. We will constantly monitor your child’s progress and tweak your plan in order to maintain continued results.